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Happy Winter Birthday(4 Seasons/Winter)

"Happy Birthday," perhaps the most sung song in the English language, dates back melodically to 1893. Two sisters, Mildred Hill and Patty Smith Hill, included a classroom greeting "Good Morning To All" in a published book called "Song Stories for the Kindergarten." The lyrics now sung worldwide evolved over the next 40 years from the Hill sisters' original words to what everyone now knows as "Happy Birthday To You."

Skaters' Waltz (4 Seasons/Winter)

"Les Patineurs" (Skaters' Waltz),1882, by German conductor/composer Emile Waldteufel (1837-1915).

Trees (4 Seasons/Winter)

Celebrated poem by Mahwah, New Jersey poet Joyce Kilmer (1913); set to music by American composer Oscar Rasbach (1922). One of America's most recited poems for generations, often the subject of severe literary criticism for its technical literary faults. For the less dogmatic and more romantic amongst us, an unabashed celebration of nature and its dominant place in the life of the human spirit.

Vivaldi Winter (4 Seasons/Winter)

The second Largo movement of the "Winter" (4th) concerto from "The Four Seasons" by Venetian baroque master Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741). Composed around 1720, the four string concertos are among the most popular, frequently performed classical works in our times.

Winter (Shakespeare) (4 Seasons/Winter)

One of a pair of graphic poems that appear at the conclusion of Shakespeare's "Love's Labour's Lost", the other poem being "Spring." The two works have parallel imagery, most strikingly in the sound of the owl in "Winter" and the cuckoo's call in "Spring."