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Harrigan (St. Patrick's Day)

Words & music by legendary Irish-American song-and-dance man George M. Cohan(1878-1942) from "50 Miles From Boston," 1907. Cohan's tribute to a fellow show business legend, Ned Harrigan.

I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (St. Patrick's Day)

One of countless songs of Irish-American longing for the Auld Sod, penned in 1876 by most likely non-Irish Indiana schoolteacher Thomas P. Westendorf(1848-1923).

Irish Blessing, An (St. Patrick's Day)

So old, so universally quoted that it has no known origin, only that it's Irish. The music is original to this site.

Kerry Dance, The (St. Patrick's Day)

Words & music by native Irishman James Lyman Malloy(1837-1909), penned for the American music hall in 1879. Also the author of "Love's Old Sweet Song."

Killarney (St. Patrick's Day)

Last song of celebrated Irish opera composer Michael William Balfe(1808-1870). Arranged 50 of Thomas Moore's classic Irish melodies. Words by Balfe's Irish librettist Edmund Falconer(aka O'Rourke)(1813-1879). Killarney lies within the scenic Ring Of Kerry in SW Ireland.

Last Rose Of Summer, The (St. Patrick's Day)

Words of Irish poet Thomas Moore, melody an 18th century tune entitled "The Young Man's Dream," published 1813 as part of Moore's famous collection "A Section Of Irish Melodies."