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Hava Happy Thanksgiving! (Thanksgiving)

Romanian/Ukrainian folk dance(hora); lyrics attributed to Jewish ethnologist Abraham Zevi Idelsohn, 1918, derived from the Old Testament, Psalm 118:Verse 24.

Jingle Bells (Thanksgiving)

Words & music (1857) by Massachusetts organist & music director James Lord Pierpont(1822-1893), distant relative of J.P Morgan. Originally published as "One Horse Open Sleigh," intended as a Thanksgiving celebration, now universally associated with Christmas.

Landing Of The Pilgrims, The (Thanksgiving)

Poem by 19th century Irish/English poetess Felicia Browne Hemans(1793-1835), music by Mary Anne Browne, Hemans' sister. Hemans was famous in her time for the epic quality of her poems as illustrated by two of her poems' celebrated opening lines: "The boy stood on the burning deck..." and "The Stately Homes of England..." This poem about the Pilgrims provided a standard history for millions of English speaking children for over a century.

Lord's Prayer, The (Thanksgiving)

Music by 20th century American composer Albert Hay Malotte, The classic text is the current Catholic version and that found in the 1928 Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. The original source is the 1662 English translation drawn from Greek & Latin versions of Matthew 6:9-13.

Over The River And Through The Wood (Thanksgiving)

Original poem in "Flowers For Children"(1844) by prominent Massachusetts social reformer Lydia Maria Child(1802-1880); music source unknown.

Thanksgiving Hymn (Thanksgiving)

Original (1597)hymn by Dutch composer/poet Adriaen Valerius(1575-1625)as celebration of political liberation from Spain; music an equally old Dutch melody adapted by the Austrian arranger Edward Kremser in 1877. English words (1894) by American musicologist Theodore Baker.