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Roses Of Picardy (Anniversary)

Music by Haydn Wood, lyrics by Fred Weatherly, 1916. Hugely popular ballad during WWI. Weatherly also penned "Danny Boy" and "The Holy City."

Say It With Music (Anniversary)

"Say It With Music," 1921, the theme song of Irving Berlin's "Music Box Revues" that brightened the Broadway scene for years during the 1920s. Berlin's Music Box Theatre still stands today on 45th Street in Manhattan's celebrated Theatre District, a charming souvenir of Broadway's glamorous past.

Smiles (Anniversary)

Music by Lee S. Roberts, lyrics by J. Will Callahan, 1917.

Smilin' Through (Anniversary)

Words & Music by Arthur A. Penn, 1919. Gained widespread popularity in tandem with a stage play of the same name. Inspired and used in 3 film versions: 1922 (a silent with Norma Talmadge), 1932(with Norma Shearer) and 1941 (with Jeanette MacDonald). Recorded by both operatic and pop stars for decades.

They Didn't Believe Me (Anniversary)

A ground-breaking song from 1914 by composer Jerome Kern(1885-1945) and lyricist Herbert Reynolds. The melody & lyrics are strikingly modern and set the pattern for all the sophisticated love ballads that would subsequently flow from the pens of Rodgers, Porter, Berlin, Gershwin and every other romantically/melodically inclined songwriter since.

To The Land Of My Own Romance (Anniversary)

From Victor Herbert's 1911 operetta "The Enchantress." Lyrics by Fred de Gresac and Harry B. Smith.